2.The End

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Sad-love


Endings were dreary ,
And so were the starts,
Life is forever rigid,
Cannot forget the past.

When love was the aim,
And searching it in main,
Met some creatures,
Not worth giving heart .

The dreamy love name ,
Was nothing more than game,
I sobbed in pain,
And others just laughed.

Endings were dreary,
And so were the starts !!



3. Cannot forget

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Sad-love
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Days and nights,
east or west,
it was along wrest ,
tough tried to console, avoided all unrest,
to forget each mark,
each memory you left .

When awake when slept , continued the quest.
inside me no rest ,
a battle going exact,
to forget each memory,
each mark you left .

Days went on,
years too spent ,
hollowing myself ,
from those days of zest,
the marks and moments,
I long to forget .

A voice from inside,
than raised and said,
stop chaining your heart ,
you now and accept ,
to forget what you want ,
you need to be dead ,
they’ve become your part,
you never can forget,
you cannot ,
you can not forget!!!!!


3. A universal love story

Posted: October 12, 2012 in love-today
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Its not a story of one person,
its a tale , a never ending phenomenon.
Those we love are unreacheable, unjust,
and those love us, appear like prison.
They make you sad without reason,
not important for them is your expectation.
Love blesses you with its beautiful sensations,
than push you at once in deep sorrowas prison.
You want to escape,
the lock too yours,
you urself handed over,
the keys of your heart,

4. No death, no life

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Sad-love

The hearts broke before they could believe they are close,

..the hands seperated before they could ever feel together

…. The destiny played games with the fates.

.eyes kept flowing like a never ending stream..

the deep pain of not being able to see..

not even for the last time…

.now just a lone soul wanders..asking its ownself..

how to spend the pathetic leftover time when each breath is hurting….

how terrible is the time thats not allowing me to die..

even when all know m not alive……


2. scattered emotions

Posted: October 12, 2012 in love-today
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Its not so hard to make up a pair,

Love and emotions are scattered everywhere,

promises are made in dozens in modern affairs,

whether its real love who bothers to compare!!

If something goes wrong,

will get another one to share,

nothing is such hard to fear or beware,

love and emotions are scattered everywhere!!!!


2. Share or care ??

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Love-warnings
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Don’t think he loves you ,

when he care or share,

because the one who stare,

Is not always fair!!



Twinkling stars and broken hearts,
always throw light in lonesome paths.
they burn forever ,
and still they shine.
they know their destiny,
is decided by divine.
the gleaming sun ,
appears like night,
tears in eyes,
change their sight.

if life is a song ,
they dont want to sing more, they sob always ,
in deep hearts core!!!!!


2.in wait

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Sad-love
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Nothing stopd..

the wind z blowing..

the water flowing..

the time is going…..

just one thing has stopped….

which never have muvd away in dark..

wait fo that spark..

who once i gave my heart…..


1.Love is everywhere??

Posted: October 10, 2012 in love-today
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You will suddenly find him around everywhere,

on streets in dreams in heart’s each affair,

he came like wind and will vanish in the air,

what world can gift you is only betrayal!!!!



When Love is true,
Its a grace.
And destroy one’s life,
If its fake.

It gives beauty to thoughts,
empower one with dreams even while awake.
Or it puts numerous tears in an eye,
Worth making a lake.

Love blesses hopes in heart,
The desires none can take .
Or create such wounds in heart,
You cannot bear whose ache.

This or that, in both its ways,
Its has the power to build or break.
It has a hold on each of our sense,
Try not to fall for god’s sake !!